The Comeback

This is a softcover version of a previously released book. I really don’t know what the differences are in this version and the previous releases, so I can only speak to his edition. The book is written by Louis Giglio.

While I found the contents basis for hope, I do not necessarily see the world as Giglio does in regards to God’s directing the lives of humans. I think my take is more that God works together solutions to life’s situations rather than ordaining them from the beginning. I tend to read this book as though Giglio emphasizes God’s sovereignty in a manner which I am not quite comfortable with. Perhaps it is my take on what Giglio writes, but I perceive this book more about God putting all things in place to cause a difficulty to then provide a Comeback than I believe.

I do believe God has the ability to bring about amazing transformations and comebacks, so the overall tenor of this book is quite inspirational when one realizes we should never give up hope because God is continually on the move.

All in all, I think this is a positive work and well written, I am just not sure I agree theologically with the entirety of Giglio’s positions. Maybe I read more into the work than was intended, but I can’t give this a full 5-star review because of my difference of opinion on this point.

I received a copy of this for free from BookLook Blogger for a review. A positive review was not required.

Kids NIV Visual Study Bible

This is probably one of the best study Bibles I have seen in recent years. The features are vast and the details included are quite interesting. Visually, the graphics are better or at least on par with many Bible¬†handbooks available on the market. The full-color cover is bright and captures the reader’s attention as soon as it is seen.

From the rear cover, a list of features included:

  • Over 700 four-color photographs, illustrations, infographics and maps throughout
  • Book introductions, including important facts and an image to orient the reader
  • One-column format with sidebar study notes for ease of reading
  • Index to maps and infographics
  • Full-color design
  • Presentation page
  • Ribbon marker
  • The complete text of the NIV

With this list of features, the Bible¬†has way more features than any other “kids” Bible I have seen. In my honest opinion, this would be a fantastic bible for anyone looking to learn more about the Bible, regardless of age. The title may put off adult readers, but it really shouldn’t offend.

I received a copy of this Bible for free for an honest review. A positive review was not required, and all thoughts are my own.

Morning and Evening Devotions

This particular title is by David Jeremiah, not by Charles Spurgeon though it has a similar name. Beyond the name similarities, the idea is the same a short devotional for the morning and one for the evening. The book is a perpetual edition with the days of the year, but no year included. You can use it year after year, but there is no February 29 for Leap Years.

The devotionals themselves are all from Dr. Jeremiah’s other works I believe. I do not know if there are any new writings included: however, since I have not read all of his other works most of the content is fresh to me. If you are a big fan of Dr. Jeremiah, you may have read part of the material. I believe it is from varied enough works that it would be hard not to find something new to you as well.

The binding of this book is beautiful. The cover has a deeply embossed image of what appears to be a marshland, and the title is also embossed at a shallower depth in gold. The texturing give the appearance of a leather bound book. It is a massive 740+ pages in length. Between the months there are divider pages which each contain a bible verse. A ribbon marker is included. A bibliography is included for listing the sources of the writings and rounding out the features are a couple of pages for notes in the back. A nice gift giving option for a devotional.

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers for a review. A positive review was not required. All thoughts on the book are my own.

All Things Bright & Beautiful

This is a wonderful children’s board book, intended for very young children. It is based on a hymn by this title. The book has about 10 pages, so it does not include all of the verses of the song, but I do not feel this diminishes the work at all. The book itself is a padded hardcover board book with bright, colorful illustrations throughout. Each page is textured with some touch of glitter. On one page it is the mountain tops, on another it is a butterfly, etc. The padded hardcover is also textured.

Another great feature about this little book is the handle in the spine. This allows little ones to carry the book. To an adult it may not seem like much, but I recently noticed my 2-year old grandson pick another book up with a similar handle and wag it all around. This is a nice little addition to an already wonderful book.

This is a great book for the very young as the pages are bright and the verses short but rhythmic. The illustrations are eye-appealing and I believe pretty much any child would love to have someone sit and read this book to them.

I received a free copy of this book for a review. A positive review was not necessary, and all of the thoughts are my own.

Grandpa Hugs

This is a padded hard-cover boardbook with about 20 pages in it. The illustrations are all very cute and they are full of bright colors. Each set of two pages has one page fully illustrated while the other page has a short 4-line writing about a different aspect of life with Grandpa.

Here is a for-example. “Grandpa’s love is strong and sure. He helps to guide my way. When I fall, he picks me up and makes it all okay.” This is one page and the facing page is the picture of an adult elephant helping a small elephant learn to ride a bike.

The illustrations are excellent, the writings are short and each has a point about a specific aspect of Grandpa for his grandkids to think about. As a grandpa, I will enjoy reading this book to my grandkids. I highly recommend this little book if you have little ones who enjoy being read to. This is just the item for you.

I received a copy of this book for free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my review. A positive review was not required, and all thoughts expressed are my own.

Beginner’s Bible Carry-Along Treasury

This small children’s bible is full of brightly colored illustrations and is just great for little ones. The book has a carry handle and a magnetic closure on it so little ones can carry the bible and get it open without issues. Not really sure why the magnetic closure is needed, but it does give a cute packaging for the contents which are included.

Inside the book are several stories from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. The stories are written in short, simple English targeting small children. The stories are not detailed or lengthy, and the brightly colored illustrations are sure to hold their interest.

All in all, this is a great book for little ones who you wish to teach the basic bible stories. Not much else can be said about this book, other than I believe my grandkids will love having it read to them.

I received a free copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers for a review. The review was not required to be positive, and all thoughts are my own.

NKJV Woman’s Study Bible

When considering a study bible for a woman in your life, this would be a great option to consider. A hardback, clothe covered bible in full color. While it is a very pretty bible, it has a great study note system within it as well. All in all, this is a great option for looks as well as application.

The text of this particular bible is the NKJV, as the title would indicate. Each book of the bible includes an introduction outlining dates, themes and outlines along with other information. Articles are inserted covering many women of the bible, many of whom are typically skipped over rather than investigated. Have you ever read another study bible which focuses on Zipporah or Abigail? This bible does and a number of other lesser known women are discussed as well.

Numerous full color maps are included throughout the text, place strategically to help the reader see the places being discussed in relation to the larger world of the bible. Also included are articles over important topics of the current day and how the bible addresses those issues.

As I indicated earlier, I believe this is a stellar study bible aimed at women. As a man, I still find much useful information in the study materials, and even some content to make me re-think my position on some topics often considered to be “women’s issues”. This is a great option for gift or if you need a new study bible of your own.

In full disclosure, I received a free copy of this bible from BookLook Bloggers for a review. The review is my own and a positive review was not required.