Christmas with a purpose

Christmas is right around the corner, and Black Friday sales are already in full swing. It seems odd to call a sale the week before Thanksgiving a Black Friday sale, but this seems to be the rage this year. I have seen a number of “Black Friday Week” sales actually. Retailers have really been trying to capture our imaginations and our money at alarming rates. Personally, I am not immune to this either. We began buying Christmas presents a couple of weeks ago and are progressing at a fairly steady pace. However, with each present purchased there seems to be a question hanging in the air of “Can I get a better deal closer to Christmas?”

One of the key advantages of buying Christmas presents early is the ability to be less stressed as the holiday approaches. We will not be scurrying around at the last minute trying to buy “something”. If you are a person who likes to buy early, I would like to share something with you. I am posting a list of 20 socially responsible organizations where all types of items can be purchased. You really need to consider early purchases from any of these vendors for a couple of reasons.

One is the limited ability to get next day or even two day shipping from these sellers. Some of the organizations are actually staffed by volunteers, so they need a longer lead time to get orders filled and sent to you. The second reason is limited stock. Many of these organizations work with indigenous people to make the items. These people are given a job, a fair wage and typically an education. The items they make to sell are handled through these vendors, and the proceeds continue the work. Most, if not all, of these are built on Christian principles and managed by Christians. That doesn’t make them “Christian businesses” (that will be a later blog discussion), it makes them businesses with Christian influences.

My advice, take a look and see the items you can purchase. It is really an amazing thing to give a gift and be able to tell the recipient the story behind the gift. It helps you find unique items, helps people around the world, and allows you to help make a difference in a positive way.


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