Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible: Pink

This is a Bible which is designed for younger girls ages 6-10. It is a hardback Bible, which comes in a variety of cover options. The one I received from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for a review is the pink sequin version. Other couple of  other options are available. Of the versions I have looked at, this is my least favorite as it is single color and the sequins do not have as much eye-appeal, at least not to me.

The sequin cover is pretty gimmicky right now. Most people have walked through a store and seen a pillow or sweater with sequins on them that if one rubs them on way, the sequins are one color then if you move your hand in the opposite direction the sequins will flip over and make a contrasting pattern. I expected the cover of the Bible to do that, but the sequins do not flip on this. They are affixed in a set pattern. This particular version has rainbow colored sequins and the pattern of a heart is clearly visible in the sequin layout. It is glitzy and eye catching, but be aware the cover is set. I believe this is important to note because of the popularity of the changeable items currently on the market.

As for contents of the Bible itself, this is a pretty nice option. The translation is the ICB (International Children’s Bible), which is an actual translation instead of a paraphrase. The sentence structure is short and simple, the words used are carefully chosen to be an accurate translation which is easy for young readers. All in all, the translation is good for any age reader who is trying to learn to read English.

There is a full color Biblical timeline illustration in the front of the Bible, articles interspersed through the text of the Bible, and lists of names in this version. The articles and lists are on full color pages with eye-catching designs. There are a couple of simplified maps and a key verse list as well. All-in-all this is a sound option for a child’s bible in my opinion. The only thing missing is a ribbon marker. That would be the only addition I would think helpful.

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