Dangerous Prayers

I thought this book would be a great read and really inspire a deeper prayer life. I believed it would contain some insights into the minds of some of the greatest spiritual role models throughout the Church’s history. However, what I found within the pages of this volume seems to be very minimal in the “spiritual meat” department, and much more in the 5-minute devotional realm of spirituality.

The title is quite misleading in my opinion. A couple of examples to illustrate my point would include the ones on John Newton and on Lottie Moon. For the John Newton entry, there are six very short paragraphs serving as the biographical entry into the life of this man. The “dangerous prayer” for this entry is the first verse of the song Amazing Grace.

Moving on to the Lottie Moon entry. Again the biography is short, this time five short paragraphs. Her “dangerous prayer” is, “I pray that no missionary will ever be as lonely as I have been.”

These are two of the 50 “powerful prayers that changed the world”. For me, these are more wall-art inspirational quotes, rather than meaty, world-changing prayers. I do not deny the author’s inclusions of any of the persons discussed, but find the biographies quite light reading. As for the prayers, in many cases they are simply excerpts of longer writings penned by the various individuals being discussed. Hopefully some readers will be inspired by this work, but for me this is just bookcase filler.

I received a copy of this for free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for a review. The review did not have to be positive, and the thought expressed are my own.


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