Devotions from the Beach

This is a very pretty devotional book. It is full of wonderful color pictures from areas near beaches and related images from a variety of locations. There are 100 devotions which draw inspiration from the images, and a verse of Scripture. This is one volume from a series of devotionals published by Thomas Nelson. Each volume focuses on a different location, and the devotions are all in the same vein.

Aside from the differences in pictures, these volumes are pretty similar. The type of devotions are consistent, and while they are not offensive or unsound, they are pretty light as far as they go. A brief scripture, a nice picture and a devotional thought tying the two other components together. For the water lover or devotional collector, this would be a nice gift. If you want to give a devotional as a gift, this series would offer you nice options if you are not looking for Scriptural depth as these are only one page each.

I received a copy of this book for free from BookLook Bloggers for review purposes. The review did not have to be positive.

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