Random God Sightings

I was recently asked to review this book, and when I read the description about it, I found it an intriguing concept so I am reading it now.

The author, Kelly Hanes, has compiled 26 short stories of incidents where she describes the event and her interpretation of how she experienced the presence of God through each encounter.

The book is designed to be read one story per day, to help the reader begin to sense God’s presence around them in the mundane situations of life. Some stories are more profoundly moving than others, but the goal of each story is to help the reader see God’s presence when it would normally be overlooked. There are not any huge revelations present, but the authors recounting of the incident and her inspiration by any given event helps the reader to see clearly what the author intends the reader to see.

I tried to share a story or two with my wife, by re-telling the substance of the story, only to find that my re-telling pales in comparison to the author’s telling. As I read the stories, I am emotionally drawn in, just as the author intends. I finish the story, then have to let it soak in, trying to determine if the author’s recounting is really the presence of God, or something else. With each story, I find myself longing to have such and encounter in the real world hoping to experience the sentiment shared by the author.

In my opinion, this author is truly gifted in her ability to move the reader’s spirit in the direction she intends and plants seeds of hope with every story she shares that we can experience the presence of God in our daily lives if we allow ourselves to see beyond the mere physicality of our world.

The book is available here: https://www.amazon.com/Random-God-Sightings-Kelly-Hanes/dp/1633372650

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