Who’s Got Your Back

This is a book which is to help reshape the idea of biblical manhood. The typical stereotype of the macho, self-sufficient man is not the image portrayed in the Bible, and as such it has caused many men to struggle throughout their lifetime.

Honestly, I do not see a large number of men I know being willing to sit and read this book. Most of the men I know read very little. This book, while it contains much valuable insight and helps attract attention to the issues with which men contend, has been a challenge even for me to read. It is not a difficult read, containing valuable insights and information. The problem for me is it seems rather sterile, almost clinical in its presentation.

I do not think this is a bad book, or poorly written. I wish I could give it a glowing review and say it is the best book ever written concerning this important topic, but I like to read and this book just has not captured my attention. As a group read where guys could get together and talk about it, it would be a good resource.

Unfortunately, I don’t see many men picking it up and reading it on their own, which is ironically the entire point of the book in the first place. Life is not meant to be lived in isolation, it is intended that we live in community.

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