Cotton Candy Killer

This is a novel written by Mary Holt. She provided me with a digital copy for purposes of my reviewing the book for her.

As this is a second novel in a series, I feel the author did a good job of allowing the reader to be introduced to the material in this novel independent of the first novel. I have not read the first novel, but did not have a problem in understanding the pretext of the previous novel and how this one flows from that one.

This work is a mystery and I don’t want to give any of the plot lines away in the review, so I won’t go into a lot of specifics. My comments are on the writing style, not on the content, as the content stands on its own.

In my opinion, some readers will have problems with this book. The character development is a bit heavy-handed and could have been written in a more subtle fashion. To this point, one character in particular is often ridiculed and made to appear inept and oblivious to the world around them. For the most part, the characters seem to be described using their negative qualities as their identities.

The flow of the story is decent, allowing the reader to get engaged and keep going rather than having choppiness to the plot. It is a relatively engaging story, but the meta-story of the main character is more intriguing than this singular novel and will likely to cause the reader to want to read other books in this series to see how the protagonist copes with life.

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